Precise imaging

Dental CT scan offer valuable information of your jaw bone before dental implant surgery. It is useful to assess how close your wisdom tooth is to the nerve.Your treatment will be safer and predictable.Our ScanoraCBCT (cone beam CT) delivers the lowest effective radiation dose among all X-ray

Tooth in one day

Using the latest German technology in CAD CAM, CEREC, you can replace your old fillings into ceramic inlay/crown/veneer in one day.

Once your tooth is prepared, we use aspecial camera to record pictures of the tooth. The computer will design your crown and produce the actual restoration from a solid block of material. The choice of?material includes conventional ceramic, high strength E-max ceramic and Zirconia.

PRP and Stem Cells

We apply latest advances in regenerative medicine to give you the best healing results.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an extract from your blood that is concentrated with platelet. Platelet releases a cocktail of growth factors that promotes healing. This is very helpful in complex surgery and bone grafting.

Stem cells are a key component in bone regeneration. If you have harvested and stored stem cells, you might want to use it in your surgery

Bite imbalance

A good number of dental problems are the result of disharmony in our bite. Frequent breaking of fillings, crowns and teeth, jaw ache, loose teeth, worn teeth, jaw muscle tightness are the tell-tale signs of
underlying bite problem.

Occlusal analysis (bite analysis) is a simple test that can detect if you suffer from bite imbalance. It involves taking a few moulds and bite records using


Are you afraid to step into your dentist’s clinic?  Do you know that with the help of sedative medicine, you can complete your treatment in a relaxed and stress-free manner. Oral sedation in the form of swallowing tablets is a simple way for relieving anxiety. A more controlled alternative is IV sedation where the medicine is given through your vein in your arm.  It works immediately and the level of consciousness can be adjusted.